Goddess is the ultimate super app for women to establish lifelong empowerment and wellbeing.

Archetypes are the personality profiles that Pyschologist Prof. Dr. Carl Gustav Jung created. 

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Goddess serves well-being and empowerment routines and rituals (audios and visuals) for women through application and web based technologies using different techniques including: 


Archetype Test (For customized journey design)

Personal Development Journeys

Guided Meditations



Singing Bowls

Subconscious Mind - Theta Healing

Self-care Massages

Morning Rituals

Moon Rituals

Mindful Walks

Physical Exercises



Guided Coaching Records



Service Offerings

Personality, status and mood measurement tests followed by a guide and digital coaching service full of above-mentioned practices to raise the vibration and solve problems (attract users who are facing that specific problem and seeking for solution

GODDESS has three main focus and each layer is also cut into different segments based on needs as listed below 



Over 14 years right after their first menstruation to approximately 21 years old. 


Mental Problems: 

Relationships (Romantic & Friends)

Family Issues 

School Life 

Concentration (focus)

Stress & Anxiety (Exams etc.)

Lack of Self-confidence 

Fear/Concern for the Future (School and Career)

External Look (Patriarchal Society Misconceptions – Body Positivism)


Physical Problems:

First menstrual experience

Menstrual Pains 

Lack of knowledge on Sexuality 


Sleep disorders 

Weight Control 



Women between the age of 23 – 40 who has needs as listed below. We’re describing this segment as women who are facing life struggles directly.


  1. Working Women
  2. Women Getting Ready for Marriage 
  3. Women with Infertility 
  4. Pregnant Women
  5. Women Nurturing with New-Born Baby 
  6. Motherhood with Family 
  7. Divorced women (During & After)
  8. Single Moms 
  9. Women with certain diseases ( Listed below)


Mental Problems:

Relationships at work and social life ( family, mother-in-law, etc.)

Having difficulty finding balance 

Less time for self 

Looking for tools and ways for well-being 

Tendency to be over-masculine/over-feminine

Too much controlling 


Less compassion 

Too much authoritative  

Lack of stress management 

More result orientation 

Lack of career guidance 

Financial Problems 

Survival Mode in Masculine Environments 

Many first experiences ( family, pregnancy, 

Lack of grounding 

Physical Problems:


Cysts in uterus 

Hormonal Disorders & Thyroid Problems  

Breast Problems 


Sexual Health 

Lack of sleep 

Early Menopause 

Cancer types



Women over 40 who have started to settle more in life, questioning the meaning of life, looking for their sole purpose, and having needs as listed below:


Mental Problems: 

Concerns about future 


Family Problems 



Weakening of soul 

Getting older (Concerns on outlook)

Feeling alone 


Physical Problems:

Early Menopause 



Cancer Types

Thyroid Problems 

If your phone is iOS, you can restart your journey and retake archetype test from the Profile section.

Unfortunately, we do not have a feature that makes this possible in our Android app at the moment, but we can help you with different methods.

To retake the quiz

You can retake the test by logging out of your existing account from the settings in the upper right on the profile tab and continuing with a different account or without creating an account. If you have started a subscription, you can complete your login by pressing X on the payment page at the end of the quiz. If the contents are still locked, you can activate your premium account by clicking "restore purchases" from the bottom of the subscription page.

To start the journey over.

You have to delete the app and reinstall it. Then you can take the test by tapping continue with a different account or without creating an account and reactivating your premium account with the abovementioned steps. When deleting the application, do not forget to continue with the option Protect My Subscription on the screen that appears after you delete it.

Please excuse us for presenting these long ways to you. We are working on the options to retake the quiz and restart the journey, and we will add it to the app as soon as possible.

You can manage your subsciptions within the App Store or Google Play app according to your cellphone's operating system.

Go to App Store/Google Play app. Tap to your Profile on the right upside. Select Subscriptions and find Goddess for managing your subscription status.

For deleting your account permanently, you can reach us at info@thegoddesswellbeing.com


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