Forgiveness Process

Forgiveness Process

You should definitely do the steps written in this section, if you are deceived in the first place, or if there are people and events in your life that you especially find difficult to forgive. Forgiveness is an important new-age goddess virtue. The past is our most important feature, which we inherited from prehistory. You have to see it as part of your transformative power and develop it.

You have to do it for yourself, not for the person you’re dealing with. Anything you can’t forgive will have a negative impact on your entire life, your relationships’ quality, your friendships, your work and social life, and of course your health. It is the most common condition that causes the most damage to the uterus and heart (breast).

Goddess Note: You must go on this journey after completing each step properly. So, if you have to repeat the first step a few times, please do it or repeat step four 5 times if necessary until you feel it getting lighter. So, you don’t have to drop the subject too fast. First, you must open it thoroughly, clean it, and then drop it.

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