Fertility Journey

Fertility Journey

Dear Goddess, I know how it feels to desire, wish, pray, and ask for a baby. And I know how it feels to be a mother. Our daily lives filled with responsibilities, challenges, to-do lists, and problems have increased infertility issues among women across the world.

Experts clearly state that stress and anxiety have effects on your health as well as your fertility. Meditation, mindfulness exercises, and especially journey-based guided meditations have been proven to reduce stress and help improve both mental and physical health. They all exist in Goddess for your journey.

Moreover, just like the birds that prepare their nests, we need to prepare our minds, heart, and the area around the womb to provide a haven for our baby… Therefore, lovely soul, with the fertility journey, step by step, you will invite, manifest and empower your sacred space… Together we will release the mental and physical blockages to realize your dream of having a baby. The rest is on you…

Namely, follow your fertile window period (usually between 9-15 days of menstruation) and unite with your partner with love. And just be patient and trust the Goddess’s Voice. You will be healed by channeling in Goddess Hera and Demeter and asking for their power.

Goddess Note: If you have a serious genetic issue you are dealing with or already seeking help for your fertility issues (treatment etc.), this program we put together (meditations, rituals, and routines) for you will aid the process for you as well. When you get pregnant, please share this wonderful news with me and continue with all your meditations (sleep, mantra, feminine, etc.) to help you keep the progesterone hormone balanced instead of your stress hormone and maintain a warm home for your baby. If you want you may repeat this fertility set for 21 consecutive days for further impact after the completion of your transformational journey.

For fertility and pregnancy well-being practices, Download Goddess:

Raise your feminine energy in 21 days

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