Mantra Meditations

Mantra Meditations

Mantra Meditations are unique exercises of Mindfulness that focus on your transformation. MAN means mind and TRA means to tune the vibration and release. Mantra meditations are designed to give the mind an object to focus on. When you have an object of focus, it becomes easier to steady the mind. Mantras are sound vibrations that help you to tune your whole body to a higher frequency. It is a quantum technology because the smallest part of the sound that gets repeated creates changes in the neurotransmitters and commands the brain to resonate with infinity.

The first step towards this meditation is to choose your mantra. Select a chant that speaks to you. Music might attract you initially but make sure you have an overall understanding of its meaning as well. Behind every mantra stands an idea, an understanding of life, you, and the universe. Only when you know your mantra, you can immerse yourself in the meditation process. Chanting for 3 minutes cleans the aura, 11 minutes stimulates the glandular system, and 22 minutes balance the negative, positive, and neutral mind.

Goddess Note: Practicing these Mantra meditations along with your transformation journey in your daily life will help you to experience the benefits of the vibrations with the conscious choices you make. Think about them as a toolbox. You pick the one you need.

You can find all the Mantra Meditations in Goddess App. One of the Worldwide Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Masters, our dear friend, Maya Fiennes has contributed all the Mantra music in the app.

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