Along with nutrition and exercise, good sleep is one of the pillars of well-being. You simply cannot achieve optimal mind, body, and soul health and healing without quality sleep.

However, in real life, there may be times and periods when we might have a sleeping disorder, sleep deprivation, or poor sleeping patterns. Many women, because of their daily problems, responsibilities, and family and work issues have difficulty having a full night’s sleep. They find themselves stuck between work and life at home because they have to feed an infant or take care of their children’s needs or work in the evenings to accommodate a busy daytime family schedule, which causes them to neglect a healthy sleep schedule. If this sounds familiar, please do not forget; Goddess has a conscious way of living therefore taking care of her sleep is essential for her beauty, radiance, rejuvenation, health, and kind heart.

Therefore we have put together a series of transformational meditations for your journey.

Goddess Note: Women are more likely to suffer sleep problems like insomnia or excessive sleepiness. In one large study of adult women, roughly 20 percent reported having excessive sleepiness, fatigue, or both, and younger women were especially likely to have sleep problems. Some women have more sleep problems during certain phases of their menstrual cycle; pregnancy brings along hormonal and temperature changes, as well as discomfort that makes sleep difficult; and the dropping estrogen levels associated with menopause can lead to hot flashes that disrupt sleep as well.

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