Divine Feminine Awakening: Path To Our True Potential

Divine Feminine Awakening: Path To Our True Potential

Hello there! Welcome to a new journey on your divine feminine energy. In this blog post, I invite you to embark on an exploration at the level of conscious elevation. As your consciousness expands, you’ll be able to perceive life from a different perspective. Now, let’s delve into why we need to connect with our “Divine Feminine Essence.”

Exploring Our Divine Feminine

Why are you here? Why do you continue reading this article? Has it been physical or spiritual challenges, relationship difficulties, or other reasons that brought you here? Take a moment to reflect on your motivations and write them down.

You might have gone through or are still experiencing various trials in life. These challenges have brought you here and have led you to read this article. Let’s be grateful for these challenges because without them, you wouldn’t have embarked on this journey to meet your true self.

Yes, it might surprise you, but these trials offer us an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. Now, let’s take a look at the effects of the transition to a patriarchal order.

The evolution of men and women has influenced each other in different ways, both mentally and physically. In this article, I want you to understand why “Divine Feminine Awakening” is necessary and how you can identify your own situation.

Right now, like most women, you’re living an average life until you reach higher levels of awareness. However, without reading this article and taking certain steps, you might get lost in this evolutionary process. Remember, it’s your right to fulfill your true potential.

Today’s lifestyle is quite distant from the essence of femininity or feminine energy. Nevertheless, we often continue our lives without realizing this difference. We spend a significant portion of our lives navigating ups and downs, adhering to society’s imposed roles and responsibilities.

But remember, you’re here not just to endure these hardships and struggles but to unleash your potential. In this article, we will begin to trace the path of a life that aligns with the nature of femininity.

If I hadn’t embarked on this journey, I would have been a woman not living up to her potential. How about you? What kind of femininity are you experiencing right now? This article can be a starting point for you. Prepare your tea or coffee because we’re embarking on a journey of “Divine Feminine Awakening.”

Divine Goddesses in Ancient History

Femininity in Ancient History

When we look back through the pages of history, we find evidence suggesting that human life began with matriarchal structures. In these times, both genders coexisted freely, and women were revered as an integral part of nature. Particularly in the Paleolithic era, around 25,000 BC, the Venus figurines found in Southern France exemplify this perspective. These figurines, found from France to the shores of Lake Baikal in China, emphasize the curves of the female body, fertility, breasts, and the nurturing aspect of women.

Joseph Campbell argues that these findings depict women as the first beings worshipped in the human world. These female figures reflect an era where women were accepted in their natural state, rather than conforming to today’s patriarchal standards of ideal beauty. 

A similar female figure is the Goddess, symbolizing the power of creation and abundance. This figure, found in Anatolia during the mid-Neolithic period, is present in many different cultures. In Mesopotamia, there’s the Goddess Inanna, and similar figures can be found in other cultures. These figures represent healing, goodness, and abundance.

However, over time, due to Indo-European migrations and the emphasis on men’s physical strength, matriarchal societies began to decline. Mythologies show how these migrations affected the relationship between men and women but still underline the value of feminine qualities and feminine energy.

Divine Feminine in Greek Mythology

In the 4th century BC in ancient Greece, various female figures like Aphrodite, Artemis, Hera, Demeter, Athena emerged with different missions, illustrating how the virtues of women changed over time.

The value given to women’s spiritual and mystical powers is a recurring theme in various cultures throughout history. The discovery of the three-headed Goddess Hekate figurines in ancient Lagina, Muğla, supports Carl Gustav Jung’s archetypes of the maiden, mother, and crone. These figurines demonstrate how spiritual powers were embodied in the female form.

Goddesses In Greek Mythology

We see common threads in the virtues of women throughout history. These qualities contributed to the development of societies and even led to the construction of dedicated temples.

Geographically, female figures are also present in Turkish and Altai mythologies. In Altai mythology, Ayızıt is considered a goddess of beauty associated with the swan totem. She is also recognized as the owner of the Golden Book.

In a world dominated by the masculine order, women have often been marginalized, subjected to violence, and made to feel worthless. This may be because women’s spiritual and mystical powers were feared for centuries. This fear continues to persist through inherited thoughts and behaviors in our collective subconscious.

Today, it’s essential for women to revisit their past, the virtues encoded in their DNA, and these lingering fears in the collective subconscious to rediscover their powers. This can contribute to gender equality and the creation of a more balanced and harmonious world.

The foundation of Divine Feminine Awakening begins here.

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