Healing with Sound Bowl

Healing with Sound Bowl

The sounds emanating from the bowls have holistic effects. In other words, they are good for both body, mind, and spirit. With these vibrations, body fluids are activated, blocked areas are dissolved, muscles are relaxed, and fasciae are stretched.

These sounds you listen to enable the parasympathetic system in our brain to activate and put us in resting mode. Thus, our stress decreases and we get a deeper and better quality of sleep. Our hormone secretion increases, that is, hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are released and we feel happier and full of the joy of life.

This category has been prepared by Sırma Belin. Sırma Belin is the founder of Peter Hess Academy Turkey. She has been working on sound healing since 2015. She is the pioneer of the “sound massage” method applied to sound bowls in Turkey. Sırma Belin provides sound massage practitioner training with Peter Hess Therapy Sound Bowls and Gongs and tries to spread sound healing through individual sessions and sound meditations for groups. She is a trainer and personal transformation consultant.

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