Lunar Calendar – Moon Cycle Rituals and Meditation

Lunar Calendar – Moon Cycle Rituals and Meditation

Did you know that women are actually known as Lunar Creatures?

We all know women’s bodies and feelings are influenced by a lot of things beyond our control. Studies show that one of those influencers is the Moon—the satellite of the Earth that rotates around us with a cycle of 29.5 – just like the menstruation cycle. Each month, the lunar phases go from a full moon to a new moon, moving between various positions and dictating our moods and even reproductive tendencies (pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, etc.). Therefore, throughout the ages, people have associated the moon phases with fertility and female energy.

You can find rituals and meditations for each cycle of the moon in the Goddess App:

  • Full Moon Rituals and Meditation
  • Waning Moon Meditation
  • Waxing Moon Meditation
  • New Moon Rituals and Meditation

Download now to do all the rituals and meditations in the lunar period. Reach out to the guru in you, sense your positivity, and send your intentions to the universe.

Raise your feminine energy in 21 days

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