Woman and Nature

Woman and Nature

Like the moon and solar system, the wisdom of the women’s body rests on the harmonization of its cycles with nature: the rhythm of the sea, the wind, the fire, and the seasons.

The term ‘Mother Nature/Mother Earth’ reinforces the idea that both woman and nature should be in union. We need to encourage, support, and develop a cultural life that celebrates the many phases in nature within our sisterhood.

Just imagine the sound of the waves. That rhythm should be aligned with the harmony of giving and receiving balance in women. It is the Aphrodite within you. Or the sound of the rain can represent the purifying of women’s bodies and spirits like the healer Persephone. The sound of the forest with all its blowing wind and tree leaves is the freedom within you. It is Artemis’s power. Or the cycle of seasons reflected as the Goddess Demeter in you, don on, and so forth.

Just let yourself go to the sounds and let your body and soul heal and get in that alignment with its natural flow…

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