Womb Space Healing

Womb Space Healing

If you have problems especially in the uterine area (the entire reproductive system in the pelvic cavity) during this period of your life (fibroids, cysts, cancer types, early menopause, etc.), please make sure that you do each application in this set at least 5 times as a complement to the professional opinions you get from your doctor.

Gift yourself 21-day cures. You can repeat as many times as you want, my Goddess. If your menstrual cycle continues, please apply the Menstrual / Menstrual Cycle set regularly every month. Especially to get rid of physical and spiritual excesses, these two sets are for you…

Goddess Note: You can listen to the Voice of the Goddess podcasts to delve deeper into what our Womb Field means to us women and the importance of inculcating this area’s reception and purification function and related virtuous behaviors. You can do Sacral Chakra Yoga from within the yoga set at least twice a week.

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