Every woman will be a goddess one day

Every woman will be a goddess one day


Why embark on the Goddess journey?


Did you know that many women, including yourself, are currently less healthy, both physically and mentally, than women who lived centuries ago? They face problems like depression, sleep deprivation, cystic ovary syndromes, womb and breast problems, hormonal imbalances, infertility issues and so on…

Many women around you will try to compensate for the lack of femininity, which they lost because of patriarchal misconceptions over the years, by taking medications, indulging in food and desserts, watching movies and shopping. As a result of this, they have become unable to express their feelings and insensitive, result-oriented, passive or oppressive, controlling, stressful and stiff, ending up having to live a life in conflict with their feminine natures. Because of this, they often find themselves incompatible with their own selves, as well as the people around them and the people they are in a relationship with. They constantly must deal with problems at home, work and in their relationships. Maybe all their lives are dedicated to survival despite these. Hence, they are in a constant state of action and running around. 

Do you know of the woman, based on the archeological findings from B.C. 35,000, from the era of the goddesses who reigned the world until the early centuries? I bet you would devote yourself to her and her way if you met her. I have been doing research on the prehistoric period and mythologies of different geographical regions around the world to understand her and I have always concluded the same two things…

First of these is that we see all the virtues that produce communal benefit (creativity, totality, abundance, fertility, the power of transformation, communication, empathy, compassion, healing etc.) have always been gathered in goddesses across different geographies. This is why, it is sad to observe how much we drifted away from the initial setting where the woman was worshipped. 

The second is the realization that we can start to shine again if we focus on reviving the feminine nature and power within us and learn to embrace masculinity and femininity. The world is moving towards somewhere where this mystery is honored, valued and celebrated. We just need to remember what these feminine powers are and focus on them motivating people around us to do so as well.

Regardless of what stage you are at in your life, if you want to be part of the change and transform your life step by step to become a healthy and balanced woman, it is time for you to be a goddess as well. 

How will we become goddesses?


Steps of Transformation:

1- Self-compassion – The most important thing you need to develop. Accept and love your feminine body in its entirety without needing compassion from anyone else. Accept your feminine heart with all the emotions it has and love it. Be aware of your thoughts. Do not judge. Listen to your soul. Spare some time. Dive deep. If you love something, you care for it. So, take care of your body, mind, and soul; care for them. 

2- Releasing fears, concerns and misconceptions – We call these agreements that are unnoted. These lower the quality of your life and cause negative thoughts and emotions. Slowly, you should start building awareness of these fears and concerns and go on a cathartic journey. We can call this cleansing or even grounding. Similarly, you have lived by certain conceptions in your life so far. Maybe some of them don’t serve a purpose in your life anymore. Practice ways of lightness. 

3- Feminine power – Disconnecting from your feminine nature causes lack of satisfaction, loss of life energy, desperation, and unhappiness. Learn about the ways that will help you exist in your feminine nature such as meditations, mantras, and spending time with female friends.

4- In reality, mother nature is in the womb of every woman. Just like the nature is full of mysteries, the time that a woman spends growing into a wise and knowledgeable woman from the young girl she was is full of mysteries and are different from each other

5- Willpower – Be brave and assertive for the things you want in life. Attend workshops on spiritual empowerment to exercise willpower. Be calm and resolute for the things you want to accomplish in your life. Please do not forget that braveness doesn’t come with muscle strength but rather with spiritual strength.

6- Being sincere – Believe me no one will ever love or listen to an unnatural woman. Open your heart to love, sincerity and accepting sincerity from others. If you expect sincerity, you should practice it yourself first. Be mindfully aware of balanced receiving and giving. 

7- Ability to express – Communication and verbal skills are the strongest personal characteristic assets of a woman. However, it is very important to use these right and constructively. Choose to stay in feminine communication. 

8- Service for society Let your internal journey flow by implying your wants and aiming for the greater good. Learn ways of implying. Do not forget that instinct is the most prominent power of a woman. Work on your instincts and use the messages and the knowledge you acquired for goodness. 

Let us look for creation within ourselves rather than externally. Let us take a journey to the source of beauty and happiness. Let us transform and learn to heal our bodies, minds, and souls and experience the process and transfer the knowledge to our children and other women using effective techniques. 

To own your feminine health and power and share your knowledge with all the people, let us all meet at Goddess. 

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