Goddess Archetype Quiz

Goddess Archetype Quiz

About Goddess Archetype Quiz

It is all about understanding, exploring and balancing the different aspects of our femininity through the mythology of Six Divine Goddesses and transforming ourselves through a wise journey in all aspects of our lives including our relationships, careers, social statuses, etc. 

As Carl Gustav Jung said “If you understand the mythology, you will be able to have the keys for your life.“ Finding out about your Goddess Energy will help you to bring your collective unconscious mind together by mirroring it to your present life (persona) and your essence. 

Believe me, once you know the Goddess in you and all the tools to unleash her energy that exists within you, you will receive the codes for a healthier relationship and an authentic life in your own potential and well-being. As you also provide information about your present physical health, Goddess customize a unique transformation journey for you that will affect your whole life including your mind, body and soul… 

Download Goddess App and Take your Goddess Archetype Quiz: http://onelink.to/goddess-app

Enjoy my sister!

Goddess Note: The Goddess energies within you will shift and change over time depending on the challenges in life or status changes (being a mother, etc.) and some may always remain stronger than others! Therefore it is recommended to complete the quiz after a 6 months period as you complete your transformational journey and observe the transitions in your real life.

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